I’m Bloggin!

That is right…I have finally started my Blog!! :)

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but really I am a talker not a writer! Oh and I LOVE to take pictures!

I absolutely love my job! I love being able to be creative and I thoroughly enjoy showing women of all shapes and sizes how beautiful they are! I always give the ladies a sneak peak of the back of the camera and seeing their reaction makes my job! Hearing “I can’t believe that is me”… well guess what Suga, IT IS! 

So spread the word ladies… :) Here is to showing ladies they are SASSY Sexy and to a new Blog!

*Image for previous shoot*

A HUGE thanks to my awesome Friend Cameron Glass who set this all up for me! He has been such a big help with my branding, keeping me motivated and spicing up my sites. ~ Cameron you ROCK!! Thank you so so so so much :)


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